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Maple Shortbread Bars with Chocolate and Pecans

Beanie Boos are it. 

That is, Beanie Boos are the latest fad, the obsession, the thing.

What are Beanie Boos? Remember the Beanie Babies of our childhood? Beanie Boos are their wide-eyed, slightly more glamorous, cousin.

We looooove them.

We have too many of them.

We take pictures of them. And then we take pictures of taking pictures of them.

The kids would disagree with me on the “we have too many of them” statement. They want more. But the Bryant mom and dad have meanly put their collective foot down and have refused to purchase even one more.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

J Man and Miss Rae begged and pleaded for jobs to make some extra money. And who am I to pass up the opportunity to educate my offspring in the art of cleaning?

They swept (and argued over who’s pile of dirt was who’s).

They dusted.

They sorted and folded laundry.

They scrubbed the sink (someone get this girl a haircut).

They cleaned the downstairs (lie: they played downstairs, supposed to be cleaning, but they were quiet and not fighting for 45 minutes so I didn’t split hairs).

They cleaned their bathroom sinks.

And they washed windows.

And for that exuberant effort, they each got a new Beanie Boo.

But what about me? ME?

For every sink “cleaned”, there was a puddle on the floor that I mopped up. 

For every window “washed”, there was a section that little arms couldn’t quite reach.

For every square inch of floor “swept”, there was someone else’s pile of dirt tracked all over the place.

I deserved a treat too!

I pulled out a favorite recipe from a Barnes and Noble cookbook I got long ago.

You make a very simple shortbread crust/cookie thing and while it’s hot out of the oven, sprinkle on some chocolate chips.

Let them melt, and then spread for a delicious chocolate glaze.

Here’s the recipe. I used maple extract instead of vanilla. Can you read it? If I were a nicer person I would retype it for you, but I’m pretty exhausted from cleaning up after the cleaners.


But where’s the pecans, you ask? The title of this blog said with chocolate and pecans.

No one else in this house likes pecans in their baked goods. So I made just a couple of the “pecaned” version for myself. They’d just pick the nuts off anyway. And they might accidentally drop the unwanted pecans on the floor. And then we’d need to sweep again and then…



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