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Five on Friday

“Are you writing a blog tonight?” Matty B asked.


I haven’t been running.

I haven’t been cooking. (Cheese sandwiches and frozen veggie burgers don’t count.)

I definitely haven’t been trying new recipes.

I’ve been working. That’s boring.

I’ve been cleaning. That’s boring.

I’ve been “mommy-ing”.

That’s good. So, here’s my five on Friday in honor of the mommy-ing.

1. J is reading chapter books now.

I’m happy and sad all at the same time. Also, my cheese sandwiches aren’t being met with applause.

2. Papa taught the kids how to climb trees and now it’s a daily thing.

How is it that my children are reading chapter books and climbing trees? Stop it already.

3. I had a blow-your-mind moment on Wednesday when I realized that the teacher for J Man’s kidnastics class is a student who was in kindergarten at the school where I got my first teaching job.

I’m old.

4. Today, while Matty B and Miss Rae headed out to the trampoline, J Man stayed inside and…

…sharpened pencils? Yes, yes he did. And it entertained him for a good 30 minutes. I tell ya, it’s nothing but excitement around these parts!

5. Practicing for summer

Swimming lessons here we come!


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