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Five on Friday, hashtags

Matty B hates hashtags. This one is for you, babe.

1. We do math for fun.

He was so excited to get this book. 

Little Miss too:

#nerdalert #teacherskids #iswearididntmakethemdoit

2. Our power went out this morning. No power=no coffee.

No problem. I have a keurig at work. But, as I came to realize, I had no milk or creamer or anything and I’m not a black coffee girl.

But guess what? The staff fridge had whipped cream in a can!

#whitetrash #sodelicious #dessertforbreakfast

3. Since my parents abandoned us last week for Hawaii, my mom felt obligated to share her Hello Fresh meals with us.

Crispy Falafel Salads. The falafels are dredged in panko and they were so crispy. I’m definitely doing that again!

#falafelarenotawful #hellofresh #afterasixyearboycottieatfalafelagain

4. We found our creek.

#bryantcreek #pioneerpark #kidnasticsispayingoff

5. And because I’ve disgusted Matty B with all these hashtags, here’s a link that he’ll appreciate:

Six common mistakes you make when loading your dishwasher
#washingtonpost #bannedfromdoingdishes #loveyoumattyb


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