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One hour

You wouldn’t imagine that one measly hour could change the scope of your day, but today it did.

It all started at 6 a.m. when a piercing alarm came shrieking through the baby monitor into our room. Miss Rae got a new alarm clock for her birthday and somehow that thing got set for 6 a.m. On a Saturday morning.


Of course, after that, no one was going back to sleep.

Miss Rae looked up at me sweetly. “What’s for breakfast, mommy?”

“What do you want for breakfast?”

“Maple Counter?” she requested, hopefully.

Done and done.

Apparently one less hour of sleep makes me crave pancakes.

And since Maple Counter is less than a mile from Pioneer Park, it seemed completely logical to play off our pancakes on a sunny day.

Two and a half hours of soccer, tire swing, and sailing dandelions in the stream wore us out, so we needed to carb up.

Unk C joined us for lunch. Carb+soy+carb+broccoli? Delish.

But when you wake up an hour early, and you’ve eaten a plate of pasta for lunch, you definitely need iced coffee…

…which will give you a burst of energy. Enough energy to wash your car.

And when you have such good car wash helpers, you’ll have the energy for some elaborate sidewalk chalk art.

Even though you lost an hour of sleep.

It was an awesome day. But let’s sleep in until 7 a.m. tomorrow, ok?


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  1. Miss Rae: A girl after my own heart! Rockin’ the legging too!


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