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Five on Friday

1. A conversation I never imagined I’d have with my son.

J Man: (out of the blue) “How old do you have to be to not wear underwear if you don’t want to?”

Me: (hastily) “21.”

J Man: “Is that the law?”

Me: “No, but it’s mommy’s rule.”

To anyone who spends frequent time with my children, please back me up on this.

2. I pulled a fast one on my kids today.

Hey kids! Wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese?

Code for:

Hey kids! After that we’re going to Costco and you are forced to accompany me!

Costco kills our budget every time. Also, pardon me while I faceplant into that strawberry cheesecake.

3. I had a blood draw this week.

It didn’t go well. This is actually after the bruising has gone down a little. The nurse compared me to a tire with a slow leak. I don’t actually know what that means, other than that I need my blood and my body knows it.

4. I ate a whole Olive Garden salad. By myself.

I’m not sorry. 

5. My parents are in Hawaii.

My mom had the audacity to send me this photo. 

But I’m ok. I’m self medicating with strawberry cheesecake and Olive Garden salad.



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