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The Rainbow Cake

This one has a birthday on a day that I work all the live long day.

As a result, we’ve been celebrating all weekend long. And we’ve been celebrating with cake. Rainbow cake.

You might assume that my over-achieving cake ideals were purely out of mommy guilt. After all, I won’t be seeing much of my baby on her special day.

And I’d agree that mommy guilt plays into about 9% of this rainbow cake.

But the other 91% of this rainbow cake was a combination of my love for baking, my inner-artist, and my desire for equal rights:)

Before you start giving me too much credit, I must confess that I used a cake mix.

The Duff Goldman cake mix starts with a plain white base. Then you divide the batter into six bowls and color each a different color.


Each layer (I did five with multiple mixes) requires 1/3 cup of each color, one on top of the other.

Layered up with pink frosting.

And balloons!

Try to take a picture…

Without a photo bomb…:)

And then cut the cake!

A more qualified baker might have made sure that the layers lined up with the corresponding colors.

I just ate cake and snuggled my girl, secure in the fact that she knows I love her:)


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