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The one where they went to Vegas

I thought about making this a post about balance while encouraging y’all to splurge on vacation with some bad foods, but enjoy some good foods like salads and go for a run as well.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really didn’t want to label foods as good or bad, and either way, I didn’t really follow my own advice.

Ok, ok, there was one salad.

And not only did I run twice, but I also read about running, which has to count for something, even if it was while laying by the pool.

So, instead of my lecture about balance (after all, what do I know?), some thoughts about Vegas.

1. It actually isn’t hard to eat right in Vegas.

Oatmeal with blueberries, vegan chili, kombucha. All good choices.

2. However, it’s actually really easy to eat awesome as well.

To name a few…

3. We loved the Bellagio gardens and fountains.

There really are family friendly things to do here! But…thanks for keeping the kids for us Papa and Grandma!

4. We did a soda taste testing at the Coke store.

Some were good, some not so good…

Above I’m trying Beverly from Italy which scored a 1 from Matty B and a negative 2 from me.

5. The most popular Vegas accessories from other tourists seemed to be a selfie stick and one of those yard long pina coladas.


Our most popular accessory was coffee. I know you’re shocked. Also, we don’t believe in selfie sticks, but we do believe in selfies.

6. Funny story: years ago when Matty B and I spent a weekend in Vegas, I wore some sexy (ridiculously painful) shoes as we walked up and down the strip. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and took the shoes off and walked barefoot down Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s a miracle that I didn’t catch a disease.

Anyway. Apparently other women have been in this same spot because now they have a vending machine that dispenses emergency footwear.


7. We thought about buying a monorail pass.

We didn’t. 29,174 steps on Sunday. Be impressed.

8. Well you know I bought a mug.




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