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No Roll Pie Crust

Sometimes I’m really tired.

Sometimes it’s work related.

Sometimes it’s because I ran.

Sometimes it’s because I didn’t run.

Sometimes it’s because this one has lost Lambie for the 11th time in one day and the search party (me) can’t take it anymore.

Sometimes, sometimes, it’s J Man’s over-active imagination.

A couple of nights ago I was putting the kids to bed (Matty B was working late) and J picked up a new chapter book that he got for Christmas. It was one of those somewhat irreverent comic-like books that are supposed to trick seven year-old boys into reading.

We read the first chapter together and he liked the book. “Can I keep reading with my flashlight for a little bit?” he asked. You want to keep reading for pleasure? Yes, my child.

Hugs, kisses, prayers, etc.

90 minutes later, the dude comes sobbing  into my room.

“There was a bad guy in that book and what if I have a bad dream?”

Did you have a bad dream?”

“No, but what if I do???”

I snuggled him in his bed, we said prayers and sang songs and made a list of happy things to think about. No success. J Man ended up sleeping at the foot of our bed until 3:18 a.m. where we had the exact conversation above and he snuggled up to me in bed, blowing hot sleepy breath directly into my face.

Needless to say, I was pretty tired the next day. The same day that I had to make pie for a teacher party. (Does it seem like I’ve been making lots of pie? I have.)

But I was tired. So tired. Not so tired that I’d buy a store bought pie (gasp) but definitely too tired to roll out pie crust.

So used this no roll pie crust recipe and while it’s not pretty, I was super happy that I didn’t have a pile of flour to clean up afterward. Or a rolling pin to wash.

I made a chocolate chip cookie pie and no one was mad about it.

The crust was perfectly flaky and it was basically like eating a giant chocolate chip cookie.

To date, Lambie is accounted for,  J Man hasn’t worried about the chance that he might have a bad dream for 72 hours, and I found an easy-peasy pie crust recipe.

But I’m still tired.


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