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What I don’t typically eat Wednesday

I fall into food ruts really easily. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve eaten oatmeal at least five breakfasts a week for the last seven years. I really like oatmeal.

But today was a day that I unintentionally ate lots of foods that I rarely eat.


I typically do oatmeal or fruit and yogurt most mornings. Today I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead I ate this whole wheat toast/banana/peanut butter/honey/chia seed concoction while simultaneously helping J Man brush his teeth and finding Miss Rae a costume for “dress like an old lady” day at school. Also note: my kids have decided that they don’t eat bread crusts anymore.

I carved out 90 minutes to finish up some work projects at the Atlas and while I typically get their lavender latte, I opted for cardamom this time. Also, caffeinated. Sorry, not sorry.


I ate lunch in the cafeteria. Usually I get the stirfry or go for the salad bar. Today I tried this pho bowl and while I wish the broth would’ve been hotter, it was pretty good otherwise.


Pizza is something that I wish I could say I don’t typically eat, but that would be a lie. Tonight there was no other means of survival. We had less than 30 minutes between the time we all arrived home and I carted the kids off to kidnastics.

One with sauce, one without because I not only cut the crusts off of my kid’s sandwiches, but I also order them pizza without sauce.

It’s important to cater to the old folks in your life.



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