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I think someone said that sugar is the new tobacco.

They might have a secret peephole into our house, because the sugar is running rampant.

First, there was the Valentine popcorn inspired by this recipe.

You know, for eating and gifts.

Oh, and rice krispy treats.

Then there were the cinnamon rolls.

Inspired by this recipe.

They were amazing, if you were wondering.

And then I invited a pack of college kids over for dinner and pie was necessary.

I made this key lime pie and a chocolate peanut butter pie that didn’t make its way to a photo. They were too fast.

They were starving, apparently.

This morning I made almond poppyseed scones.

And after a walk with my mom and a bike ride with the kids, a backyard fire seemed like a great idea.


Complete with giant marshmallows for roasting.

Too. Much. Sugar.


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  1. Oooo! I think I need some sugar ASAP now! This all looks so yummy! So thankful that you chose to make my recipe for the key lime pie! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 xx


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