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A mess and Oreo milkshakes 

My boy knows my heart.

I had a moment of terror this afternoon. I almost made the Broncos lose.

I was running a few errands before the game, decked out in my Broncos hat and jersey. My last stop before home was filling up with gas. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a superior gas pumper (after all, much of my life was spent in Oregon) but I’ve been driving for nearly 20 years and there has been more than one encounter with a gas pump.

Regardless, as I went to pull the nozzle out of my car and replace it on the pump, there was some kind of gurgling burst of gas and it drenched my hand, halfway up my arm, and onto my Broncos jersey. Not only was a second shower required of this day, but all my clothes went into the washing machine, 45 minutes before kickoff.

So the biggest Broncos fan ever wore a Dallas Cowboys jersey to the game. How will Peyton be able to win if I’m not wearing my jersey?

For shame.

Thankfully, my wardrobe malfunction wasn’t as big as previous Super Bowl embarrassments, and the Broncos won and I ate myself sick on veggie meatballs, soft pretzels, and this yummy cheesy dip that tasted very strongly of mustard, but was surprisingly addictive.

But as I mentioned above, the Broncos won and if that isn’t cause for celebratory Oreo milkshakes, I don’t know what is.

I think the mint Oreo thins make the best milkshakes because mint and also they’re crispier than regular Oreos.

J Man, the other Broncos fan in the house, agrees.

It’s possible I spilled some Oreo milkshake on my Cowboys jersey. And if today is any indication of the future, the Cowboys will win Super Bowl 2017.

Place your bets now.


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