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Thursday Thoughts, XXXX

I’ll bet there’s a different way to do 40 in Roman numerals than XXXX…oh well.

1. I have a pretty great family.

Everyone pitches in to pick up the kids from school once a week. 

Yesterday, my dad took the kids on a French fry tasting field trip:


And then I got this text from Unk C:

Although the comparison between French fries and carrots? I think you know who got the kid points and who got the mom points…

2. I had lunch with a friend at the WW Bread Company.

This was the beet sandwich and it just made me feel good.

3. When we were in Florida over Christmas, J Man caught a gecko.


And then it promptly bit him.


I didn’t get an “after” photo but Miss Rae’s doubtful glare should have given us the warning we needed.

4. I bought Adele’s 25 (well, actually Sha Sha bought me Adele’s 25- thank you!) and I’ve been listening to it while I run.


Not really running music, per se, but I love it.

5. We went up to the snow last weekend.


I hate being cold but we actually had an awesome time.

Ok…so, when’s the first day of spring?


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