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Five on Friday

1. Did you know that you can make bread in a skillet on the stove? Like, actual yeasty bread, not just pita bread?


It’s true. I used this recipe and was shocked at how easy and delicious it was.

2. My life with Matty B is one big example of “if you can get him to try it once, your life might be changed forever.”

Thanks to a birthday request from last year (and you always have to honor birthday requests), Matty B has changed from a Chinese food hater to a giant PF Chang’s fan. 

I’m so so glad because one can only take so much Olive Garden.

3. By the way, if you were wondering, violin is not going well.

In other news, I’m constantly singing “I’m a little monkey, climbing up the ladder, climbing to the top to eat a pink banana.” Why is the banana pink? No one knows. And the monkey doesn’t seem to motivate cheerful practice.

4. I need these healthy, make-ahead lunches in my life. 

But I also need these slutty super bowl brownies as well. But maybe with a nicer name.

5. Miss Rae as a bride. 

My life is flashing before my eyes.


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