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What I ate, a mile from my house

For my birthday last year, Matty B got me a gift certificate to Dosha, my favorite spa in Portland. Last time I was there, I had this rain shower massage where it’s actually raining on you during the massage and it changed my life. The certificate was a perfect gift, but to my dismay, I haven’t been able to use it because geography has gotten in the way.

A somewhat stressful week + a reinvigorated running schedule + a sore shoulder from when I dislocated it at a birthday party (it’s a long story) made me really really want a trip to Portland and Dosha.

I was kinda pouty. A little belligerent. And then I looked at the photos of my food today.


Egg, cheese, veggie bacon, tomato breakfast sandwich and coffee with a friend at the Express.


1.4 miles away.


Broccoli, carrots, cucumber, and soy apricot chicken from the university cafeteria.


 1.3 miles away.


Spaghetti and salad from Roger’s Bakery.


 1.3 miles away.

Now that’s some geography I can appreciate. I’m blessed to have delicious vegetarian food options within walking distance.

And to confirm that I’m a big whiner, there is a wonderful masseuse on College Ave. Rain shower massage, Amber?


1.6 miles away


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