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Govinda’s Garden, restaurant review

You already know that I bought some cowboy boots.

And now this.

What’s this

This is the fact that there is not just one but two good restaurants in Pendleton. Two places that Walla Walla can’t begin to compete with because:

A) no dedicated chocolate shop

B) no Indian food

You’ve already heard my poetic musings on Alexander’s chocolate shop. And by the grace of something, they’re still open. Maybe because I reviewed them here on versatile vegan. That must be it.

The other hidden jewel in Pendleton is Govinda’s Garden.

 What’s a vegetarian Indian restaurant doing in a rodeo town known for whiskey and saddles? 
I’m not actually sure, but I’m so glad they’re here.

I don’t actually know the names of any of these things but my favorite was the dish on the right of this photo.

You can order off the menu, but why would you when you get a nice salad bar and a delicious hot bar for $10 per person?

Decor is appropriate, customer service is awesome and the bread?

Oh, the naan bread. So good dipped in the red stuff mentioned above.

My only suggestion would be to label the hot bar so I know what I’m eating and don’t sound like a redneck with my accurate description of the “red stuff.”

Then again, I was in Pendleton so my redneck talk probably fit right in. Excuse me while I go put on my boots.

(Jokes, jokes, don’t get mad at me Unk C.)

P.S. I was not a fan of the above carrot dessert. Good thing Pendleton has Alexander’s.


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