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Tamale Pie

When my parents took us camping, as kids, I could always count on two menu items:

1. Orange jello salad that involved orange jello powder, a can of mandarin oranges, a can of crushed pineapple, cottage cheese and…cool whip? I think. 

2. “Camping casserole” which was basically a taco casserole. I don’t remember the ingredients other than cheese and Fritos.

Boy, I love Fritos.

The tamale pie I made tonight didn’t have Fritos, but it reminded me of camping casserole, nonetheless.

Originally, I had a craving for actual tamales. There’s a lady at Matty B’s school who makes tamales and sells them to the teachers and they’re pretty delicious. I wanted some of those.

Unfortunately, Matty B didn’t read my mind and when he came home, there were no tamales in his hands.


No matter, I thought. I make Christmas trees out of strawberries. I make giant dinners for multiple guests. I can make tamales.

P.S. I didn’t make tamales because everyone on the internet thinks they’re time consuming and complicated.

I did, however, make tamale pie. I used this recipe, found on the back of the cornmeal box.

It was super easy and totally delicious – especially with a dollop of sour cream on top.

It would be even better with some Fritos on top.

And now I have a strange craving for orange jello…


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