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Thursday Thoughts, XXXIX

 1. I know everyone thinks their own kid is super smart…

…but seriously? This kid is crazy smart.

We played bananagrams last night and I didn’t help him a bit. 

And he alphabetized his unused letters.

And first grade.

2. Can I tell you what a relief it is that it’s January and I’m not trying to create foods in the shape of Christmas trees?


I really out-Christmased myself this year. No regrets, but I don’t want to hear holly jolly Christmas for a good long time.

3. I’m not a Goodwill kinda girl. Not to be a snob but I don’t really like used things.

But the stars aligned last week and I ended up at the Walla Walla Goodwill (which, in perspective, is a pretty nice Goodwill.)

I got these cowboy boots for $20 and I love them. There might be a tiny little bit of Pendleton inside me.

4. Can’t believe that exactly two weeks ago we were at the beach in Florida.

And we were hot and we wore sunscreen.

5. I got the sweetest surprise at lunchtime. It was almost 1 and I knew I was hungry but hadn’t packed a lunch and I considered walking over to the cafeteria but it was so cold today and I (for once) had a really good parking spot so I didn’t want to drive and lose my space, when a friend walked into my office with a delivery.

Butternut squash soup from my family’s bakery. My mom’s motherly intuition kicked in and she knew I was hungry so she sent soup.

It was delicious.


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