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Peppermint Crunch Cake

You know I’m serious about a cake when I cut out parchment circles.

I’m kinda intimidated by cakes. 

Very rarely do my cakes look good.

They taste good, but they look pretty amateur.

They’re typically lopsided or sunken in the middle.

Usually there are crumbs all over in the frosting.

And almost always, almost always, I think “I should’ve just made a pie.”

I made this Peppermint Crunch Cake for New Year’s Eve and it was pretty delicious.

You know how some minty things are just too toothpasty? This cake has just a hint of mint and the peppermint frosting along with the dark chocolate ganache is heavenly.

A few weeks ago when I was making chocolate covered strawberries (yes, Christmas was exhausting and it’s entirely my fault) I had some leftover chocolate and I piped a few messy Christmas trees onto some parchment and stuck them in the freezer. They made their grand debut on this cake.

And truth be told, this cake was lopsided and sunken in the middle and there were crumbs all over in the frosting, but no one asked for pie.



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