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Lemon Curd Thumbprint Cookies

In case you were wondering, it’s totally possible to make lemon curd in Florida, seal it in Tupperware and ziplock and stuff it in your suitcase back to Washington.
Unlike your sunscreen, it will not explode.

In case you were wondering.

 I’ve been MIA because it’s 87 degrees in Florida and we couldn’t say no to that. 

Sha Sha and Grandad have this amazing Meyer lemon tree in their backyard. The lemons are giant and sweet and super juicy.

Also, we were wearing shorts on December 23. Baffling.

We take our lemon harvesting very seriously.



We made lemonade and it was pretty delicious.


But no lie, two lemons gave us enough juice for a pitcher of lemonade. What to do with the rest of the lemons?


You know my affinity for all things lemon. And since Martha Stewart’s lemon curd recipe is my go-to, it seemed like the right thing to do.

“How do you use lemon curd?” Sha Sha asked me.

My immediate response?

“I eat it with a spoon.” And I did. But even a lemon obsession as intense as mine requires some variety.


I used this Thumbprint Cookie recipe and did half with lemon curd and half with raspberry jam.

They were a hit. So much, in fact, that this is the only after shot available:


Thank goodness for Sha Sha and Grandad. 

Thank goodness for lemon trees. 

Thank goodness TSA didn’t confiscate my lemon curd.


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