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Roasted Red Pepper Feta Dip

Because red, white, and green always means Christmas.

Because Grandma was in charge of the veggie tray and she came ready to win.

Because it was our 4th annual Gingerbread extravaganza and Miss Rae specifically chose Papa as her partner because “he lets me sneak tastes.”

Because I’ve also had a few “tastes.”

Because of all of the above, I made this roasted red pepper feta dip.

This dip is tangy and flavorful and a welcome distraction from endless peanut butter balls.

For the record, it was a close contest with Matty B and Unk C coming in 2nd…

And a smashing first place tie for Team Grandma and J Man:

And Team Papa and Miss Rae:

Because of gingerbread “tastes,” 30 minutes later my kiddos were on a sugar high like no other.

Maybe the gingerbread extravaganza should turn into a sleepover at papa and grandma’s next year?


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