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Christmas party tips

If you throw a holiday party for an unknown number of guests, you should definitely “sugar up” first.

These maple gingerbread doughnuts gave Matty B the energy to sweep, vacuum, and dust the house.

If you open the window before your party because someone (Matty B) thinks it’s blazing hot inside but it actually smells like wet dog outside then you should make your house smell good again.

Simmer cranberries, cinnamon sticks, oranges, allspice, and rosemary in water. Smells like Christmas!

If you want to make an awesome centerpiece of candles and cinnamon sticks…

…like this, but you have sticker shock from the price of cinnamon sticks, then you should find the bargain ornaments at the dollar tree and a bag of cranberries.

Done and done.

If your guest list is made up of a fairly conservative set of individuals, don’t hesitate to brew regular coffee.

They’ll drink all the coffee and all the hot chocolate and ignore the hot cider.

And if the said party has absolutely exhausted you, never fear.

Creating Christmas tree pancakes the next morning couldn’t be easier. 
Do you have a Christmas party to throw? Don’t call me. I’m too tired.


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  1. You did a fabulous job and I’m super duper impressed with how you worked all week and then pulled that off so gracefully! Bonus: power! XO


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