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Five on Friday, the holiday edition

1. I bought us tickets for this Christmas lights bus tour. We were very excited for the first 18 minutes.

And now we’re sitting in the back of a bus for two hours, looking at a small handful of Christmas lights and I’m watching Matty B grow more nauseous by the minute (dude gets crazy carsick). We finally ended up doing this:

The population of this tour is 90% senior citizen. That should’ve been my signal to hightail it home.

Now we know.

2. We’re having a swingin’ holiday party tomorrow night so I spent this afternoon doing what I do best:

Dipping things in chocolate.

3. My favorite sacred Christmas song is “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” My favorite secular song is “The Christmas Song”- you know, chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Side note: chestnuts are gross.

4. Both kids had their Christmas programs this week. I cried. My kids +songs+prayer=tears for mama.

She was “F is for frankincense.”

5. We’re still on the bus. I’m pretty sure Matty B is going to vomit.


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  1. Dad and Marilyn sure enjoyed the kids programs this week.  They’ve stayed down all week so they could go to all of them.  Usually go back up on Wednesdays.  I missed out on everything this year.Uncle Dave went into ER today to check out chest pains.  Seems to be ok. I told him  Leens have good hearts…Trying to take good care of mom.    Sounds like perty exciting trip tonite…smart move on ipads

    • It was so sweet of them to come- and to ALL of them! They’re the best. So sorry you missed out, but there’s always the traditional Leen Christmas Eve talent show and you won’t want to miss that!


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