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To be or not to be Santa cookies

My children tend to think outside the box.

Pieces of unraveled carpet from the basement? This is not trash. No, no this string becomes Christmas presents for Uncle Andrew and Aunt Sara! (Note: Andrew and Sara, act surprised and pleased at your carpet string necklaces.)

Butternut squash seeds from the soup I made earlier today? Obviously these are a perfect snack for Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. And now I’ll be finding squash bits in the carpet. Chipmunks can be so messy.

So knowing what I know about my children, I shouldn’t have been surprised when they scoffed at my fancy decorating kit.


“Can’t we just do what we want to do?” questioned J Man.

We used Grandma Honey’s Molasses Sugar Cookies recipe. 

And then there was much original thought.

J Man humored his mama and did one santa cookie, but his other masterpieces include a cardinal and imitations of other family members.

Miss Rae’s are all princesses. Can’t you tell?

And since I’m a natural born rule follower…

This is what the directions said to do.


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