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Cinnamon Roll Twists

There is a somewhat creepy fake Santa at Klicker’s (seasonal farm stand/gift shop in Walla Walla).

I’m not actually sure what Miss Rae is thinking here, but she doesn’t seem thrilled.

In general, her smiles aren’t the most genuine lately.

Note: the above picture shows a fake smile only because this was Olaf, not Elsa.

I made something today that brought out real smiles.

Cinnamon Roll Twists!

These are perfect for when you want a cinnamon roll, but don’t want to wait for the rising process of traditional rolls.

 Use a basic yeasted bread dough recipe and roll it out. Spread cinnamon sugar butter on half and then fold over.

Cut into strips (I did 16) and…


The recipe calls for 18 minutes at 350, but we found that to be slightly too long, so I shortened it to 15 minutes on the second batch.


Miss Rae wasn’t the only one who enjoyed these.

And for the record, I’ve found the best way to get a good smile out of her.

Catch her by surprise. Photo credit: J Man


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