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Five on Friday

1. True love is making Chex Mix minus all the good stuff because your husband is picky.

Chex Mix for Matty B with only corn Chex and pretzels. I missed the wheat Chex.

2. J Man made a drawing for us. In church. Where it’s holy and sacred.

Naturally, I was concerned. 

Me: (whispering) “Tell me about your picture. What’s this guy saying?”

J Man: (nonchalantly) “He was relieved, so he said ‘Phew!'”

Phew is right.

3. Baking is back with a vengeance.

Spiral apple bread (again), gingerbread loaf, and winter squash rolls.

4. We don’t always have snow days..


…but when we do, we jump on the trampoline.

5. Winter Wonderland Festival.

Thanks for waiting in a 30 minute line for a 92 second horse and carriage ride, Matty B.



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