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Lemon Cream Puffs

There was some sacrilege in the Bryant house on Thanksgiving Day.

I mean, for the most part, we followed Thanksgiving tradition and expectations as we should.

Matty B and I “turkey trotted” (sans J Man because it was 27 degrees outside.)

Matty B made his classic pumpkin pie (isn’t it perfect?)

I even attempted the cornucopia veggie tray we talked about last week.

Isn’t it beautiful?

But then I mixed things up a little bit.

See, I’ve been obsessed with lemon recently. Most other old people are as well and ever since my birthday, I’ve completely bought into the stereotype. 

And I typically make apple pie, but we’ve already had apple pie a couple of times this season and it’s a pretty heavy dessert and after a plate like this…

…something light was in order.

So I made lemon cream puffs. They were amazing.

I made the lemon curd the day before so that it would have plenty of time to chill. Then, while everyone else was in a food coma, watching the Packers get beat down (sorry, Papa), I made the puffs and whipped the cream into the curd.

After a meal of carbs, these were light and delicious. 

Initially, when I planned to play hooky on the apple pie, I felt a little guilty. Apple pie was grandma’s thing and now it’s my thing. We can’t forget grandma!

Good news: cream puffs were also grandma’s thing. All is well.


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