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White trash Thanksgiving and pumpkin dip

You might call me a Thanksgiving snob.

At Thanksgiving, I want china and real glasses and silverware and yes, I know, someone has to wash those dishes but that’s what Matty B is for.

After all, if we don’t pull out the fancy at Thanksgiving, when do we pull it out? 

But this year, I might as well throw some paper plates on the card table and start deep frying a turkey in a garbage can in the backyard.

Does it get more white trash than Cool Whip and Nilla wafers?

I found a recipe for easy pumpkin dip on Pinterest. Anytime something is labeled “easy” I immediately think of Sandra Lee. It should have been obvious, then, that this recipe wasn’t gourmet.

And I read the ingredients. Only three, really. And in a state of hunger/laziness/I had stockpiled pumpkin in the pantry, I bought Cool Whip and instant pudding mix.

It’s not pretty, but it’s goooooood.

You could dip lots of good things in this. Apples, graham crackers, etc. I used Nilla wafers and I wasn’t mad about it.

The shame that I feel over this white trash recipe is outweighed by the deliciousness in my mouth.

In some feeble attempt to class the dip up, I will be serving it in this crystal dish. Will that help?


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