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So much FALL!

Have I mentioned before that fall is my favorite season?

It’s this bittersweet experience because I love love everyday that brings us closer to Thanksgiving, but I also dread everyday that brings us closer to Thanksgiving because then it’s over and then I’m just cold.

So I’m making apple pies. Because it’s what I do. We had 6 adults and 9 kids for ultimate taco night last week and these were demolished. Also, under peer pressure, Miss Rae now eats apple pie.

Another fall joy used to be pumpkin spice lattes which I’ve traded for salted caramel mochas. Also, I don’t care about red cups. Also, my fitbit does a better job charged, which might explain the poor choice in beverage. Fyi: 330 calories in a tall salted caramel mocha.

Leaf jumping is a must. Made all the sweeter when followed up by pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

These were topped with a caramel glaze and were the absolute epitome of fall.


I already miss leaf piles.

I’m already dreading cold.


But there’s one reason that I’m thrilled for fall to be over:

Matt B shaves the beard. Can’t come soon enough.



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