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All about Miss Rae

You won’t find a girl with a sweeter disposition.

Her brother is older, yet she is frequently the one to smooth things over, to give up what she wants to keep J Man (and others) happy.

She has the most hilarious vocabulary. She’ll spout off words like “furious” and “ridiculous” that you might not expect a four year-old to use. Very frequently, at the wrong time.

She’s very confident in who she is. She proclaimed the other day, “Jackson and I have different talents. He is athletic and I am creative.”

And if by creative, she means really excited about singing and dancing to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off then yes, she is extraordinarily creative.

She’s a fashionista, this one. I’ve actually given up making requests or even offering suggestions when it comes to her wardrobe. What I know to be true:

1. Skirts or dresses ALWAYS.

2. Leggings or tights underneath are tolerable. Bonus points if there are pockets.

3. Nothing needs to match. However, preference will always be given to the colors pink and “Elsa” blue.

She had oral surgery today. This means, of course, general anesthetic. I’m not sure that I can properly explain the terror I experienced between 8:30 and 10 a.m. this morning as my baby girl was out of my care and out of my control.

On that same note, I can’t properly explain the relief I felt when they carried her groggy little self into the waiting room and she snuggled into my neck.

Peace at last.

She got two silver crowns on her tiny little toothies. I told her they were princess crowns and she was sold.

That’s the fashionista in her.


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