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J Man’s First 5k

I’ve passed on some questionable habits to my kids. These include perfectionistic tendencies and a desire for daily dessert (although I blame the latter on Matty B).

But every once in awhile they pick up something good from me.

Like running!

 A few weeks ago the university sponsored a 5k to raise money for breast cancer awareness. I’ve run by myself every year since we’ve lived in Walla Walla (remember two years ago when I rolled my ankle?) and this year I thought I might like a buddy. 

J Man ran/walked 7 miles in his school’s annual jog-a-thon so I knew that he was capable.

And he rocked it. Of course he rocked it. 

As it turns out, he was the youngest runner and even got a “shout out” in a news release on the university website.

He told me he wanted to run it in 28 minutes and we did it in 35.

He wants to run again next year so we can try for 28. 

That’s the perfectionist coming out.


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