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My Grub Street

I’m addicted to this website, Grub Street, specifically this segment that lists what people have eaten for a week at a time. All people featured are notable in some way- some I’ve heard of, some not.

Grub Street has never called me to ask if I want to be featured so I’ll just take matters into my own hands.

It would go a little something like this:

Holley Bryant is a working mom with a husband and two brilliant children. She spends most days trying to balance a somewhat demanding university job with the increasingly busy lives of a preschooler and first grader. In the back of her mind, she’s always sure she’s forgetting something. 

Monday: Today was a running morning and on these days I’m never hungry for breakfast. I had planned on some yogurt and fruit but J Man turned up his nose at his toast (sourdough) and I hate to see perfectly toasted and buttered homemade sourdough go to waste. I ate that while boiling two eggs that I planned to take to work with me but left in a pot in the sink. I also had coffee but it’s hardly worth mentioning because it was decaf. My pounding headache reminded me, oh so kindly.

Lunch was an apple and leftover chili from our Halloween party the previous weekend. I ate the apple during a lunch meeting and even though I was starving after the apple, (do you not remember breakfast?) I waited to eat my lunch until I was away from the meeting. No one wants to be the girl with smelly chili in a room full of people.

J Man’s group violin lesson required a handful of candy corn around 4 pm.

By that time, all good sense and self control was out the window and when I suggested ordering pizza for dinner to Matty B, he jumped on it. Two slices of cheese and two slightly stale nutter butters for the win.

Tuesday: I’m a big oatmeal fan and consistently have it at least three times a week for breakfast. Today’s mix had a dollop of peanut butter and a handful of raspberries. Gross? No- it’s just like a PB&J.

Lunch was a string of mini meals. My leftover boiled eggs before J’s violin lesson and an apple afterward. Then I had a cherry/kale/banana smoothie in the car on the way to take the kids to their dentist appointments. Two cavities each. Blast.

I drowned my dentist sorrows in a handful of tater tots, one tofu hot dog and three Oreos for dinner.

Wednesday: “Student led conferences” may or may not be a legitimate thing if you’re a first grader, but it did force me to take the morning off. While waiting for his turn, J Man and I went to Starbucks. I had decaf. He had chocolate milk. We split a morning bun.

Lunch was another grazing pattern that I need to get a handle on. Mostly because I’m not planning well and just grabbing random snacks that aren’t holding me over. Today’s menu had a handful of carrot sticks, a few slices of mozzarella cheese, an apple and a mini larabar.

Needless to say, by dinner I was starving. Unk C came over and we had rice bowls with soy chicken and lots of roasted veggies. Think butternut squash, beets, carrots, cauliflower and bell pepper.

And a scoop of strawberry ice cream. With Oreos crushed on top. I love Oreos. I rarely buy them because I can’t. stop. eating. them.

Thursday: Today held the promise of a “normal day” (whatever that means). I had two hard boiled eggs, a slice of sourdough toast and Miss Rae’s untouched veggie bacon. Didn’t I remember??? She only likes sausages! Sorry, Rae.

I met a friend for coffee and had a surprisingly good decaf Americano with coconut milk.

I planned for lunch today! Well, planning might be an overstatement because it was just leftovers from last night’s rice bowls, but at least I wasn’t making a meal out of larabars again.

By dinner I wasn’t feeling well. It’s possible that I had a little hypochondriac in my brain because lots of people around me are getting sick. I ate some plain pasta with parmesan cheese and took a bath.

I realize that I didn’t give you a whole week, but I’m tired of typing. 

What I learned:

1. We spend very little money eating out and I applaud us/me for that.

2. I need to plan ahead for lunches. Snacking for lunch makes me lower my inhibitions by the time dinner rolls around. See Monday night’s pizza.

3. I miss coffee. Real coffee. But I’m sticking with this detox. Yes I am.  Yes I am.  Yes I am.


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