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Five on Friday

1. We’re starting to get excited for Thanksgiving. Enough so that J Man and Miss Rae created a mini feast for their chipmunk friends.

I’m still finding dried Indian corn in the carpet. Speaking of corn and Thanksgiving, I need to stock up on heavy cream because it’s almost corn pudding time. I’m called on to make this dish multiple times during the holiday season. It’s delicious. And terrible for you. But mostly delicious.

2. I’m addicted to my Fitbit. Enough so that when I forgot to wear it the other day and had a choice between the stairs and the elevator, I chose the elevator. Because if my Fitbit didn’t log the activity, it didn’t happen.


3. Beautiful veggies from our CSA box. 

We only have a few more weeks of bounty remaining and I’m wavering about renewing. On one hand you have the beauty that exists on this tray and on the other hand, the irritation of the weekly drive to retrieve said beauty.

4. The only thing better than pumpkin challah bread is pumpkin challah French toast the next morning.

This is what I want Thanksgiving morning.

Also, coffee. With caffeine. It’s been a whole week since I’ve had any and the sun seems duller than it used to be. Thankfully I have leftover challah to comfort myself.

5. We love Thanksgiving, but I really fell for Halloween this year:

Please tell me that you knew the last photo is supposed to be a cat.


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