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Thursday Thoughts, XXXVII

1. I had my last caffeine yesterday.

Today was not my best. 

It was getting to the point where I needed two coffees daily and I was still getting headaches at night. Maybe the headaches are something else. Maybe I actually have measles, mumps, and rubella but until I eliminate caffeine, I won’t be sure.

Regardless, I used my last caffeinated Keurig pod and I’m only buying decaf from now on. There are very few things I can control in my life. This is one that I can.

Pray for Matty B. And my kids. And my co-workers.

2.  We lived in Portland for 7+ years and I never once experienced Cafe Yumm. It took the Portland airport to make this happen.

What a travesty I waited this long. This bowl was amazing and I’m considering flying into Portland just to get some more.

3. Free apples=apple crisp

To be honest, there was a reason the apples were free. They were fresh, but not crisp enough for us.

Although, brown sugar/oatmeal/cinnamon crumble on top of most anything makes it a winner.

4. Finally!

Love this toothy grin.

5. Daylight Saving Time?



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