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On the hour

7 am: Coffee. With almond milk. And a little brown sugar since it was already out for the kiddos oatmeal.

8 am: Took the kids to school and was pleasantly surprised that our bushes are finally changing color.

9 am: Picked up CSA box and ran a couple miles in that neighborhood for a change of scenery.

10 am: Two hard boiled eggs and two veggie sausages.

11 am: Folded laundry and watched Friends. Never gets old. (Friends ~ not laundry.)

Noon: Picked up the girl from preschool and ate lunch at the bakery.

1 pm: Rest time:

2 pm: Pedicures and coloring books:

3 pm: Picked up the boy from school and played at the playground.

4 pm: Made the first apple pie of the season.

5 pm: Rolls

6 pm: Dinner with friends. Conversation is challenging when the adults are outnumbered by the kids. Especially when the game of choice is “raise your hand if you like pickles.”

7 pm: Dessert. With ice cream. Vanilla. As all pie should be served.

8 pm: Saying good-bye

9 pm: Work

10 pm: Read



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