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Spiral Apple Bread

I got a Fitbit for my birthday. 

This is an important detail in this story and soon you’ll find out why.

In other news, I’m 7 years late, but I finally made it to the Pinterest party. And I’m completely addicted.

I will certainly be making a veggie tray into the shape of an owl for Halloween and maybe some bread shaped like a giant cornucopia for Thanksgiving.

But the most beautiful recipe I’ve ever seen? The most mouth-watering temptation to cross my screen?

Spiral Apple Bread with caramel apple glaze.

I wanted this. I wanted it bad. But we had gone to PF Chang’s for lunch and by dinner I was still full.

Blurry photos of cucumber strawberry lemonade, vegetarian lettuce wraps, garlic noodles and ma pao tofu. You can see why I was full.

But back to the Fitbit.

I’m definitely an all or nothing kind of lady. So I’m either 100% healthy, running for miles and drinking carrot juice or…I’m watching football and eating Spiral Apple Bread.

And since I knew that my Fitbit would inspire me to clean up my diet and move a little more, the decision seemed obvious. I had very little gluttonous time left. My gluttonous time was actually quite valuable. The answer was clear.

Make Spiral Apple Bread now.


And so I did.

Dough is rolled out and cut into strips.

The strips are wound together in a coil.

Thin slices of Granny Smith Apple are tucked inside.

Fresh out of the oven, drizzle melted butter and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top.


The best part is the caramel glaze.
This glaze is what October dreams are made of.

We ate the whole thing. Yes we did. It. Was. Heavenly. Make this one of your fall bucket list items. 

Also on the list? Get yourself a Fitbit. I’m told it inspires you to drink carrot juice. I haven’t yet had that experience.


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