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National Coffee Day and Pumpkin Spice Latte Waffles

Things I’m bad at:

1. Blowing up balloons. I seriously can’t do this. Even if I stretch them out, I can’t inflate a balloon to save my life.

2. Lighting matches. Nor can I figure out cigarette lighters.

3. Giving up coffee. I keep promising myself that this will happen and the words are empty and meaningless.

Things I’m good at:

1. Baking with yeast.

Remember when nothing rose? Remember when I was afraid of anything that involved yeast? I’m a brand new lady and I have no clue what happened.

2. Fall.

Yes, you heard me right. I’m good at Fall. I’m good at sweaters and boots and leaves and apples and pumpkins and…

3. Drinking coffee.

Lucky for me, today was National Coffee Day. I heard the news from no less than 7 people. (Although I do work on a college campus and it seems that college students are more tuned into coffee than the average individual.)

I’d already had my daily cup with almond milk.

And then Dutch Bros. ran this amazing “buy a large, get 9 punches” deal and of course I had to participate. The picture doesn’t do this justice. This thing was giant! Halfway in, my hands were shaking, so I stopped.

My husband is a good man and on a recent trip to Portland, made a Trader Joe’s run.  
I’m addicted to this pumpkin pancake mix. It’s really delicious “as is” but coffee makes everything better.

I replaced the water in the recipe for coffee (decaf!) and left the eggs and butter as called for. Dinner!

Things I’m good at:

Creating delicious waffles.

Things I’m bad at:

Only eating one…


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