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Five on Friday

1. You know you live in Washington state when the kids all choose either blue or green otter pops so that their tongues are Seahawks colors.

Friends are the best:) Also the best? Talking to another mom whose kids are of similar ages and finding out that I’m not, in fact, a lunatic.

2. I used to fancy Versatile Vegan to be somewhat of a healthy living blog. This is a farce. Exhibit A? The otter pops above. Exhibit B?

I’m being completely honest when I confess that my dinner last night was coffee from the patisserie and soy beef jerky. What a hypocrite.

3. My friend Renee mentioned that she had a bumper crop of basil and mint and asked if I wanted any.

These bags were GIANT and I’ve been making pesto like there’s no tomorrow. The mint has been more challenging. I’ve made mint ice cubes and mint simple syrup (I like this in fruit salad and iced tea) but what else do you do with mint?

4. It’s clear that my mug obsession has gotten out of hand.

We had some friends over for brunch and I started pulling out coffee cups. Starbucks is in business because of yours truly.

5. This one is for you, Sha Sha!

J Man pulled out all the stops for the Redskins game last night, not only wearing his jersey, but putting a mini Redskins helmet on Alvin the Chipmunk. It didn’t seem to help:( We tried!


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  1. Good job J Man! Nice looking jersey


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