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Five on Friday

1. Someone in the advertising world thinks I’m pregnant.

I get daily mail encouraging me to buy Enfamil and telling me what a “strong mom” I am. Just to clarify, 1 woman=2 hands and 2 children is all I can handle.

2. Besides, I don’t need them to tell me that I’m a strong mom. I have to deal with this one, so I already know.

We had a pretty major tussle over a pair of zebra print leggings that she promised me she’d wear, if only I’d buy them for her. I suckered, purchased the leggings and when I asked her to wear them to school yesterday, she tearfully replied that she could only wear them when she went to the jungle.

3. I’m a complete hypocrite when it comes to health.

Diet Coke and carrot juice, side by side in some sort of devil/angel on the shoulder scenario.

4.  Check out these awesome grapes.

 Matty has been making juice all afternoon. It’s delicious!

5.  Friends.

At least, right at this moment.


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