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Ice cream coffee

Yes, you read that right. Ice cream coffee. Not coffee ice cream.

It all started with the fact that another one of my babies had a first day of preschool.

She dressed herself.

And I might get a little emotional if I dwell on the fact that this is my last first day of preschool for anyone. So I won’t dwell.

But it all started with the emotion (mine, not hers) of preschool.

That’s not true. 

It really all started when we had friends over for brunch a few days ago and since there was no dessert (It was brunch. There were cinnamon rolls.) we started craving ice cream. Homemade ice cream. My friend suggested an easy recipe of whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk. I was certain that our ice cream maker bowl was frozen and ready for action.

It wasn’t. 

The ice cream didn’t freeze and Matty B ended up at the grocery store buying ice cream for the group.


So this ice cream base has been sitting in my fridge, waiting for its destiny.

Today, its destiny was coffee.

It all started when my baby girl started preschool on the same day that my parents are in Hawaii and on the same day that Matty B went on an overnight field trip with his class and on the same day that the baby-sitter got sick.

Working from home = coffee.

Ice cream base (whipping cream + sweetened condensed milk) + coffee = the best coffee ever.

And then I obsessively sorted out the Lego guys into even rows.

It all started with the first day of preschool.


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