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Big, soft, and fluffy rolls

I was going to tell you about the pesto and ignore the rolls.

We got a bunch of parsley in our CSA box and unless I’m making tabbouleh, I don’t know what to do with large handfuls of parsley.

So I found a recipe for parsley pesto and I had all the ingredients (parsley, olive oil, garlic, walnuts, and Parmesan) on hand and I went for it.

  Am I the only one who consistently tries to spell parsley as parsely?


It was the grand debut of Fancy Friday (which actually took place on Sunday) and the parsley pesto was the headliner, along with green salad and some rolls, as an afterthought.

And the parsley pesto was pretty strong. Almost pungent. Not pleasant.

But the rolls? Oh, these rolls were so amazingly soft and doughy and delicious. I used this recipe for big, soft, and fluffy one-hour dinner rolls.

And I’m never making another roll recipe again.

And for the record, I’m never making parsley pesto again either.


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