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Five on Friday

1. The watermelon obsession continues.

I was eating watermelon at the same time that I was checking my blog and ran across this photo. It’s almost like that Inception movie, right?

2. I’ve had lots of QT with my girl this week.

She actually self entertains really well. She’ll get into moods where she’ll play for long chunks of time, solo.

45 minutes of this=the dishwasher is unloaded and reloaded. Success.

3. I tried this gluten free cookie mix.


 I’m not going GF, but thought I’d try the mix because I usually like this brand.

My mom seriously said that they tasted like stinky feet. My assessment isn’t that harsh, but they seemed kind of chalky/grainy to me. 

4. My running has been suffering.

I keep trying to run either while the kids ride their bikes alongside, or pushing Miss Rae in a wheeled contraption of some sort.

Disaster. Their patience lasts 22.33 minutes and that 14.15 minute mile you see above is from stopping for untied shoes, random caterpillar sightings and because Miss Rae will randomly drive off the track.

5. This.  


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