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Chocolate Banana Penguins

Miss Rae hurt her toe.

Initially, it was a legit injury. She was trying to move one of our bar stools to “help” me make lunch and the stool tipped over and landed on her toe. It was traumatic. 

Later that day, she told me that she ate too much for dinner and it was making her toe hurt again.

Fast forward to today when she stubbed the same (I think) toe going down the stairs. This required piggy back rides for the rest of our errands and when we finally got home, both of us were exhausted.

We needed a pick-me-up.

Are bananas a pick-me-up?

They are when they’re dipped in chocolate. (If you’re thinking inappropriate things right now, just stop. Stop. This is an innocent kid’s snack. I’m talking to you, C.)

Some eyeballs…

…and m&m’s turn this banana into two penguins.

I went traditional.

Miss Rae went for a Rudolph type penguin.

And then we watched Cinderella. And no one’s toes hurt anymore.


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  1. What a mom! You’re good!

  2. Love the penguins. Very clever


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