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Tie Dye

I’m not crafty. 

Does “crafty” mean sneaky and sly? If that’s the case, I’m using the wrong word. I mean, I’m not that kind of crafty either, but maybe the word I’m looking for is “craftsy”?

Yeah, I’m not craftsy.

Meaning, I don’t make my own soap or crochet or hot glue dried flower arrangements onto decorative straw hats.

But I cook. And bake. And most times I follow a recipe. And if you know how to follow a recipe, you can tie dye.

I found such a recipe in a parenting magazine and it was suggested that tie dye might be a wonderful project for kids. Easy. They could probably do it themselves. Of course I suckered and immediately purchased such tie dye colors as tropical blue, and flamingo pink, and the big winner of the evening, burlesque red.

Because I don’t trust every parenting magazine I read, I called in reinforcements, namely my partner in crime, Crystal. She brought along a 7 year old, a 5 year old and a perfect baby. 

Let’s clear some things up from the beginning.

1. Kids can’t do this themselves.

2. Unless you want your house dyed burlesque red, you shouldn’t let them try.

3. Guess what? They don’t want to try. They want to eat snacks, jump on the trampoline and tell you which color they want their shirt to be.

So, as long as we’re clear that 4 to 7 year olds can’t tie dye by themselves, I will say that it’s really easy for 30-35 year olds.

Oh, and it’s also easy for perfect babies.

What do you think?

A swirl attempt

Miss Rae’s sweatshirt

Tropical blue

And the infamous burlesque red. I love this pattern so much!

And while we were slaving away, where were the kiddos?

Playing Mario Kart.



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