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Five on Friday

This has been a weird week. Because I’m technically on vacation, but I didn’t go anywhere. And I wasn’t working…except for I was. So even on this Friday of vacation, I’m exhausted. Here’s why:

1. It seemed like a good idea to invite more 4 year olds and 6 year olds over to the house, so I did.

We had a total of six kids but this is the only photo I got. Because six kids are busy. But I got to catch up with the other mom who was crazy enough to jump into this situation and that was fun!

2. Pickle party!

A friend who is trendier, craftier and generally more talented than I invited me over for a pickle canning party. Truth: I sat on the couch eating cheese and crackers, talking with friends while other people canned pickles for me. It’s the best way to do your canning.

3. I made soup for a friend who just had surgery.

Tomatoes are so good right now I used this recipe with a little variation. It turned out great!

4. Speaking of so good right now, I never want to buy a bag of baby carrots again.

These carrots from our CSA box were so good, even J Man commented on how delicious they were.

5. What should two girls do when both boys are at school?

Mani-Pedi’s, obviously. She chose her favorite color: sparkle.

 As you can see, from my friend’s tweet, sparkle should be everyone’s favorite color.



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  1. Hopefully you had a little down time this week? I was supposed to be off also, but found myself working. We should review the meaning of vacation at our next coffee break. I don’t think we’re doing it right.


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