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WIAW: sugar addict?

I haven’t “What I Ate Wednesday’d” in 60 days.

And as I look back at today’s line up of food, it seems that I should do this more often. Why?

Because traveling = eating out for every meal.

And eating out for every meal=an extra 5 lbs. 

And an extra 5 lbs. isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to make my favorite grey capris a little uncomfortable. I like being comfortable.
Anyway, I was certain that once I got back into my regular non-traveling routine, the 5 lbs. would drop away.

Not eating like I’m eating they won’t.

Oatmeal with pineapple, blueberries and walnuts. And coffee. No shame here.

But I had the morning off with my girl and we went to the patisserie and you know my weakness for the patisserie.

Peach brioche. And more coffee (unpictured.)


Soymeat, lettuce, tomato, pickle on a baguette.

With all the watermelon:


Salad and spaghetti plus garlic bread. Well, only the buttery garlicky part of the bread because Miss Rae ate the other parts.

And part of a donut for dessert.

In general, I don’t think I ate bad food today, but for someone who says she wants to lose 5 lbs. I sure eat a lot of sugar!

I might be addicted. I might need an intervention. I might need a juicing day.

I’d better wear my grey capris tomorrow to remind myself.


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