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Thursday Thoughts, XXXIV

1. Try stand up paddle boarding, they said. You’ll look just like Jennifer Aniston, they said.

To be fair, I am standing up, and I am on a paddle board, but that’s the end of the similarities. Also, I might’ve chosen Joey over Ross, so J. Aniston and I don’t have much in common.

2. I tried the new Graze snack boxes.

 Basically, you pay a fee per box, ($12?) and they send you fun snacks every two weeks.

The snacks in my box were (clockwise, top right corner) the cheese board, oatmeal raisin cookie dippers, kettle corn kern pops, and chai latte trail mix.

I actually liked all the snacks- they were creative flavors and I felt like there was a good variety of options. However, the quantity was disappointing. For the amount of money we paid, I thought we should have had more.

3. One of my favorite traditions this summer has been Twitter club.

Confused? I’m an old lady who does social media for my job but my skill set is sorely lacking. Twitter club is me bribing hip college students to teach me how to tweet in exchange for pastries. This is the huckleberry almond croissant from the Colville St. Patisserie and it’s to die for.

4. A really good read from the New York Times: The wedding toast I’ll never give.

Best line: Epic failure is part of being human. 


5. Food tastes better when it’s smiling at you.



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  1. BAH ha ha! I would’ve totally picked Joey too.


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