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Coffee crumbs and violins

It’s here. 

The crazy. The “new school year/new baby-sitter/you want to take violin lessons?/no Miss Rae that doesn’t actually match but we don’t have time for you to change” crazy.

My grocery list has the words “PE shoes” and “violin” on it. Walmart has those things, right?

It’s possible that there is a school supply list somewhere, but I haven’t seen it. I’m too busy sending emails to the violin teacher that say, “am I supposed to have a violin by now?”

The schedule doesn’t help.

Matty B starts school Wednesday. (Our anniversary. We will be celebrating by not dying.)

J Man starts next week.

Miss Rae starts after Labor Day.

Convenient. I didn’t want to use my vacation days for vacation anyway.

Also. Also.

Apparently children grow over the summer? All of J Man’s pants are high water and Miss Rae’s belly shirts are bordering on inappropriate. Add “entire wardrobe for two kids” to the grocery list.

It’s a good thing I haven’t given up coffee yet. Because you know it’s only going to get worse.

Six months ago, when I was at the dentist, I found this recipe in a waiting room magazine.

If I knew what magazine it was from, I’d absolutely give credit. 

And I’d give a lot of credit because it’s pretty awesome. It? Them? I’m not sure how to title it/them. “Crumbs” is plural, thus them seems appropriate, but now I’m just overthinking it/(them?)

Over coffee ice cream (go big or go home), this is a day changer. Make this if you like coffee. If you don’t, make this for someone else who does.

Also, I need a violin.


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  1. I need a cello. lol! I might also mention that I need a cello teacher. So you’re one up on me there. Also. On the school list… shouldn’t there be a letter sent out before the school year starts or something? I think that’s only appropriate. But the school list goes like this: PE shoes (which you got), and hand sanitizer. That’s it. (Phew!)


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