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I eat smore’s for the chocolate. 

Marshmallows? Fine. 

Graham crackers? Sure, ok. 

Chocolate? Yes yes yes.

We go to the pool for the Dutch Bros.

Sun? Fine. 

Water? Sure, ok. 

Dutch Bros? Yes yes yes.

I eat panzanella for the bread.

  I mean, tomatoes are awesome right now. Super red and juicy and flavorful.

  And the cucumbers these days? Oh, the cucumbers are yummy. I haven’t purchased a cucumber from the grocery store in awhile because of our garden, CSA box and Mrs. Bean’s roadside stand.

But the bread. Oh, the bread. I mean, sautéing most things with olive oil and shallots=amazing. 


But then I made this balsamic vinaigrette instead of the called for dressing and bread sautéed with olive oil and shallots PLUS balsamic vinaigrette? It’s a bread lovers dream. 

We watch football for the jerseys.


 The Packers are playing tonight, so J Man decided to wear his Packers jersey. But even though we have cable now (purely in honor of football season) we don’t have the special channel with the preseason games. 

But we don’t take no for an answer. The game above? Canadian football. The Edmonton Eskimoes have dark green jerseys, just like the Packers. And J Man is satisfied.

Touchdowns? Fine.

Quarterbacks? Sure, ok.

Football jerseys? Yes yes yes.

Go Eskimoes!


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