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Five on Friday

1. This is why we can’t have nice things.



 We said we’d buy nice furniture once we passed the spit-up/potty training phase. We might have been a little optimistic.

2. I went for a crazy run in Spokane.

Typically my runs are a pretty straight line- out and back. On this day I ran whichever way the crosswalk said “walk”. The result was this weird loopish run.

3. I made jam. And scones.



Apparently I’ve got “the cooking” again. I’m not saying that too loudly. I don’t want to scare it away.

4. As it turns out, my favorite meal at any restaurant is a sampler platter. I have a short attention span so I Iike getting little tastes of lots of things.

Crostini with Gruyere fondue, bruschetta, roasted garlic and cucumber salad. 

5. Bubble faces.

These two littles are camping with Grandma and Papa because I had another work trip. I miss their bubbly little faces.


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  1. My boys do that EXACT same thing to my furniture! What is it with taking off the cushions and jumping on them?!


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