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Waffle Window

Are you a waffle person or a pancake person? I feel like that decision is almost as controversial as “dog person” or “cat person”. (For the record, I’m an animal neutral person, but if my son has his way, I’ll eventually become a cat person. You know it’s inevitable, Matty B.)

I like pancakes. I do.  But if given the choice, I’ll always choose a waffle.

So, when the Maple Counter opened a waffle truck, I was excited. Well, excited and suspicious.

Walla Walla has proven that when given something new and trendy, everyone will rush to the site, eager to be first in line.

We don’t like to wait in line.

So when my mom suggested that we try it out, Sunday morning, of the downtown basketball tournaments, I was mostly along for the ride.

It’s possible that the rest of Walla Walla is living under a rock and doesn’t know about this gem because we arrived at 9:30 on Sunday morning with no lines, empty, clean, shaded tables and fast service.

 I wanted every single “sweet” option. Luckily, my mom and I like the same stuff, so we got one Blueberry and one Georgia Pecan to split.

The lemon curd on the blueberry waffle was heavenly. I loved both waffles but we decided the ultimate combo would be Blueberry Georgia Pecan…with ice cream.

Surprising no one, both kiddos got the Golden Original. Their favorite part was the opportunity to pour their own syrup. 

The kids liked their waffles, but were already full from pancakes two hours earlier. (Yes, I’m completely irresponsible and fed my children both pancakes and waffles the same day.)

Miss Rae’s pancake shape request?

 Grandma wearing a tutu with a bow in her hair.
How’d I do? Yes, my pancake art is impressive. You do what you can for two cat lovers who will most likely never have a cat…

Good thing they have pancakes. Good thing I have the waffle window. Next time? The Elvis, minus the bacon, with extra peanut butter sauce.


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